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Computer Troubles

Hey all,

We're very sorry for the delay in publishing Masama Hideki, unfortunately JP's computer broke down and took quite a few pages of Masama Hideki with it. ^_^; Please be patient, the comic will begin updating once again when everything is fixed!

posted by Enkida @ 22 Sep 2006   9 Comments


Sam4books, 06 Jun 2007

I like it so far ^^ Though it's kind of disappointing that it takes place in Tokyo instead of somewhere in Europe...but I'm not the judge of that.....I'll be checking in every day.

Lucky_k, 03 Jul 2007

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Kaiverta, 11 Oct 2007

Oh my god that sucks. I feel so sorry for you guys. ;; Hopefully your computer/s will never die again. T_T At least not while they have manga/comic pages on them. @_@ Yeesh.

mikiki, 15 Dec 2007


Kyokospaz, 05 Jan 2008

I love this... I love the way you color. High Five~ <3

Akako, 03 Dec 2008


Your art is very beautiful,
and your coloring is amazing.

nicks.txt (Guest), 07 Aug 2009


leonide777 (Guest), 20 Aug 2009


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